Engaging leads can become a challenging task without a proper approach.

We can spend hundreds of hours in the mission of figuring out the best way to increase our sales.

Unfortunately, sometimes when we finally find that unique strategy to engage those leads and turn them into paying customers, we don’t realize about a crucial aspect.

That would be the evolution of technology.

Nowadays, it’s quite common that people walk around spending most of their time on their smartphone or tablet.

Forget those times where your web design had a unique dimension to visualize, and it was more than enough.

There are so many devices out there! And this means that there are tons of different screen sizes that you will have to adapt your website to.

Therefore, if your site isn’t web responsive, you might lose a lot of conversions since your potential clients could be on any device.

You want your leads to visualize a webpage that is appealing, but this won’t be possible if your site isn’t web responsive.

They will probably have to zoom in and out in a very uncomfortable way that will push them away completely.

Once this happens, they might never come back, and you end up losing money. Just because your website only works on big size screens.

You will probably have to learn and invest some time in learning how to make your site adaptable.

Or perhaps you might have to pay someone else to do it in your place if you don’t have the time.

But what you invest now is going to return you way more money since you will make your site more accessible to a bigger group of people.

Your SEO improves when your site is responsive

Google knows very well the behaviour of their users.

For this reason, Google is by far the most powerful company on the internet.

And the reason why everyone uses Google, because of its super friendly features.

When your site is responsive and therefore more accessible to people, then Google recognizes your efforts and your site positions better.

Isn’t that great?

On the other side, it’s also said that not having a responsive design can only lower your position when you compete with those other sites that already are.

SEO takes into consideration several factors that go from off-page to on-page SEO, and definitely a webpage that is adaptable an accessible is a must.

Entrepreneurs who ranked their page first in the search engine understood that the most important thing was to keep their site as friendly as possible to users.

Now that you know this, you’d better start making a change to your web design so more people can access it!

Currently, it is quite easy to achieve this new look on your website, so we encourage you to do your research.

Of course, it would be easier to start a responsive web design if you were just creating your site from the beginning.

But as you already have content on it, you will have to work a bit more.

However, you shall not worry since there are a wide variety of tools available on the internet to make it happen.

You will just have to choose the best cost-effective alternative!

Without a responsive design, you won’t be able to assess properly your web analytics

Let’s say that you’re using Google Analytics.

How can you pretend to properly measure the impact of your web traffic if those who landed your site came from another device, and your site is not responsive?

The problem here is that you want to know the impact of your leads once they land but this is not possible if 60% of them are coming from a smartphone or tablet and they leave your site right away.

They won’t convert since the web design simply looks horrendous on their device. They will increase your bounce rate, and you won’t be able to tell their impact since there was none.

As you might already know, if your bounce rate is high it means that your leads are leaving without seeing anything else apart from that page they first landed.

If you want to make the most of your Google Analytics, you need to collect data; you need your users to move around on your site.

For this purpose, you need a webpage that actually works.

Because currently there are so many people willing to buy stuff online from their devices that if you ignore this, you can lose even half or more of your total earnings.

That’s why having a web that is responsive is so incredibly important.

Don’t make a tremendous mistake, let your leads land your webpage without challenges in the middle.

And let Google search engine knows that you want to rank higher.

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