Don’t know how to boost your web traffic?

Then you should consider learning about Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is that perfect tool that allows you to understand the behavior of your leads from all devices.

It offers you a mega comprehensive toolbar to boost your web traffic that will impress you in all regards.

Don’t know how your leads found your site?

How their behavior make them convert?

What about bounce rate?

And dozens of other questions which answer you need to know to make the most of your web traffic.

Apart from all of these pros, it’s important to point out that Google Analytics is completely free.

Therefore, you can enjoy its positive aspects as much as your time allows you.

Google AdWords is also a powerful tool to drive leads to your website through paid traffic.

However, sometimes AdWords could be quite expensive.

If your budget is tight and you’re just beginning your marketing efforts, you’d better stick to what doesn’t hurt your wallet.

Why Google Analytics?

The prominent Google launched its analytics tool in 2005. From there, it would become the most preferred web analytics among users worldwide.

Even when many blogs incorporate their own analytics, they aren’t considered good enough compared to what Google Analytics offers.

It’s true that Analytics can be pretty complex and difficult to follow at the beginning.

But overtime it just becomes too practical.

Probably becoming the only analytics you’d want to use ever.

There are numerous ways to boost your web traffic using this tool, and here you will get to know the most fundamental ones.

Important to point out that you don’t need to spend an infinite number of hours learning how to use Google Analytics to start using it as many people claim.

One of the most convenient things about this tool is that you don’t need to be an expert.

Just create a google partner account and you will easily be able to connect Google Analytics with WordPress or nearly any other website.

Keep reading to learn 3 simple but incredibly efficient ways to boost your web traffic.

  1. Build your backlinks according to the referral report

Everyone needs backlinks to increase web’s credibility and improve search rank.

What not everybody knows is where to start building those backlinks.

One frequent mistake is to start building backlinks in all pages, believing that this will be an efficient SEO method.

Actually, it’s all of the opposite. Having too many unnecessarily backlinks from poorly ranked webpages can diminish your web authority, and therefore your organic traffic.

You definitely don’t want to dive into black hat SEO.

When it comes to backlinks, it isn’t about quantity but quality.

Google is smart, and knows that people take advantage of this.

If you exceed your backlinks, then it’ll be considered as spam.

Now that you understand the basics, you can benefit from the referral report that Google Analytics offers.

The referral report tells you from what webpages your leads clicked to get to yours.

Knowing this information can be quite useful since you can customize your content according to those specific webpages.

Most importantly, you can strengthen those backlinks by visiting the webpages and responding user’s inquiries to motivate them to visit your site.

And also, you can have a better idea of where to build new backlinks seeing sites connected to those that recommended your webpage.

If you know about the referral report, then you comprehend how to engage traffic with just a bit of effort compared to not having a clue.

  1. Don’t know if your keywords work? Use Keyword report

We can think of several Keywords, and probably many of them will do.

For organic traffic, you have to fully understand that you will have a top 10 list of keywords that engage most of your leads.

These keywords are the ones you will have to do the most emphasis.

Keyword report leaves it easy for you.

With the report you will quickly be able to analyze which are those high traffic keywords that people write in their preferred search engines.

Without Google Analytics, it would be extremely difficult to assess which keywords are the best among a vast list of articles you might already have.

  1. Create content for a specific demographic

One task that Google Analytics can do quite well is to tell you about the demographic of your audience.

This could be seriously important if you are selling products that are gender or age-specific.

Perhaps you have the web traffics already, but not the conversions.

The problem could be that your clients are not interested because of the demographic impact.

Don’t expect to make many conversions if 80% of your leads are comprised of men when you store is for girls only.

Don’t expect either to sell sport shoes if those who land your webpage are too old.

Not that they cannot run, but you have to look at the statistics. Usually young people will be the one buying sport shoes.

It’s not about your discriminating, but about you making the best use of your statistics knowledge.

Pay close attention to how your leads are and what they want.

It could also be interesting to check where they come from; this could have some impact into your marketing strategies as well.

With these three tips, you’re ensured to have an increase in your conversions in the not so long-term.






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