Create stunning videos that don’t bore your leads.

How to create videos that impact?

Drawing the attention of leads is what we want here.

And you’d better do it well, otherwise, they’ll get bored and leave right away!

You gotta make them stay tuned for as long as you can.

This will guarantee a few fantastic conversions.

But most importantly, it will position you better on Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engine.

Which means more chances to convert later on.

First off, create stunning videos and make it happen.

How come that we aren’t getting them engaged?

Simple, you’re creating content that no one wants to watch.

Maybe you invested hundreds of dollars in great lighting, cameras, post-production editing, and a few famous speakers to participate.

Your videos can be super valuable and handsomely well designed.

It doesn’t mean that your leads care though!

What entrepreneurs frequently forget is that videos aren’t necessarily designed to be spectacular and compete against other big companies.

Videos are created to solve a problem and to be informative.

However, they cannot be boring. Your target audience will want some degree of entertainment, lightness or attractiveness; otherwise, they won’t feel like watching a “marketing video”, because they get nothing from it.

And probably you might be thinking that they would get something if they’d watched the video! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

You have got to make sure that they watch the entire video first.

Then how to make videos that engage?

There’re hundreds of ways to engage your leads!

Several of them are super technical, and others excessively creative. Any of them aren’t impossible to achieve, but they take lots of time.

In this article, we will let you know simple rules that you can apply immediately.

You don’t need to use any software or technical knowledge, the only need you know is to be aware of how the people you engage behave.

That’s all it takes for you to sell your products through video campaigns.

Understand the target audience.

The first rule – Cover the main idea of your product in the first 30 seconds!

And even better if you can do it before.

As a general rule, watching more than 30 seconds of your video means that someone is engaged to your video campaign.

Make him lose interest and he will not only close your video before that time but also forget about buying what you’re offering.

30 seconds surely sounds like a tiny amount of time to do something.

It isn’t though. All you gotta do is focus on what the product is; mind details for later when recording, you still have another minute or so to explain why what you offer is awesome.

The second rule – Keep it under 2 minutes!

Two minutes is more than enough to fully show your prospects what your product is about.

It’s enough to let him know its features, advantages, and design.

And most importantly, respond the questions of how, why, and where to buy.

Humans are subjective, therefore 2 minutes couldn’t necessarily be the case depending on your specific product.

However, according to Youtube and Google Analyitics statistics, people are more engaged when they watch up to 2 minutes, and after that they’d begin losing that engagement significantly.

We recommend you to focus on engagement first, and then once you have their loyalty, it will be more effective to create videos that are longer and in-depth.

From personal experience, I have noticed that if it’s 1:58 and not 2:01 it makes the difference. Try keeping it under 2 minutes!

Because your viewer sees the big number 2 and he starts disliking quite a bit the idea of watching it thoroughly.

The third rule – Easy-to-follow vocabulary, please!

Believe me, formalism or super technical vocabulary won’t do you any good.

If you want your video marketing campaigns to succeed, then you shouldn’t be paying attention to details such as looking smart or highly educated.

The video isn’t about you, it’s about your product.

We aren’t telling you to be rude or sarcastic when the moment to record comes, but you should be utilizing friendly vocabulary if you pretend to engage people into watching what you offer entirely.

Remember, not because you aren’t using super refined vocabulary, it doesn’t mean that your videos aren’t smart or competent.

Actually, it could be the way around. Because there is nothing smarter than understanding what works the best and how to really attract.

You shouldn’t think either that it’ll be easier because it’s not the case.

The technique to transmit ideas in an easy-to-follow structure which also values the quality of your words/vocabulary can be highly demanding, intellectually speaking.

Doing this will guarantee that your videos have the energy they need to have that stunning video you’re seeking for.

Engaging your customers with videos that cover the main point within 30 minutes, that are no more than 2 minutes long, and contain easy-to-follow vocabulary, will guarantee your engagement goals.

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