looking forward to getting your conversion rate up?

Getting leads to convert is always a challenging task.

If you have been in this business for a long time, you probably know it quite well.

The more marketing, the more money wasted you think.

and after seeing your wallet again, you get frustrated for nor seeing the results you’d expect from your business plan.

I’ve myself gotten super discouraged in the past for the same reason.

For me, everything was going great. My SEO strategy was working perfectly, the team was formidable, and my business plan I must say was pretty ambitious.

But my conversions were nearly non-existent. I mean, I had, but they clearly weren’t enough.

Then I noticed what my problem was.

Even when both my team and I agreed that we were making no mistakes, it didn’t mean that we were making the most of our opportunities.

We felt quite dumb for not figuring out before, but was it really that easy to notice?

I mean, the basics are to engage clients. We all know that, and that was our main approach from the beginning to the very end.

But what we never took into consideration, not in the slightest, was to engage customers who had once made a conversion on the site.

Yes! Old leads were still there and ready to make a glorious come back for us!

And we knew we had hundreds of them in the database.

we could easily count a few hundred clients in two years of our site’s launch.

From there we started dreaming of the infinite amount of possibilities we’d have if we had them with us again.

We started figuring out how to squeeze the juice out of our old leads.

Now we want you to be successful as well and take the lead with what you’re about to learn here.

After deciding to take on the new plan to engage old leads, little by little we grasped the essential key methods to make it work handsomely.

Before explaining further though, I’d strongly like to let you know something quite fundamental:

For old leads you don’t need so much hard work as with new ones!

The process of re-engaging is easier since those who already bought on your site once trust the brand.

No other golden opportunity leaves it so easy for us!

It’s even better when you discover later that your expenditures don’t become bigger but actually decrease significantly.

As well as time and effort.

Is there any drawback though?

Absolutely not! No drawbacks whatsoever when re-engaging old customers.

Important to know however that this only works for those who already have some time online.

Otherwise you have no old customer to re-engage, no solid content, or a well-shaped marketing strategy.

If this is your case, then keep reading anyway, I’m sure this might turn out to be useful eventually.

Because it’s always great practice to keep track of your leads.

Also, if you do it right from the beginning, then you’re guaranteed to impact them when they do a come back in the future.

Now let’s get into gears.

How should I do to re-engage?

Good news here! You already have with you everything you gotta have to make their appearance happen.

A frequently wrong assumption is to think that we need to generate new content to get those customers back, but that’s not necessarily true.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we want to make our business ideas grow exponentially, it’s to invest more, more, and more.

And this is certainly a pretty logical approach, very practical as well. However, do you really need to put more money when you already have the basics?

All you need is your old content.

And it might sound quite ironic, but we can assure you that it’s incredibly powerful.

Make the most of what you already have

For both potential leads and old ones, these tips will come handy for you to attract them and make some great conversions on your site.

As already mentioned in this article, the most important thing is to be flexible!

If you don’t think outside the box, you will never see through the big wall that’s blocking you to get where you want to be.

  1. Re-post your old content on Social Media

It could be Facebook, twitter, or even LinkedIn. Whatever works the best for you.

But please, don’t do like most of the entrepreneurs. Don’t ever forget to have a look into the past from time to time.

It’s a very bad habit for us, humans, to leave aside our past actions, but sometimes these are the ones that can exponentially boost our chances to succeed.

Not because you posted something a week, a month, or even a year ago! Means that it was all it could possibly offer.

Especially when the budget is tight and our time limited, we need strategies to rely on that don’t burn us out.

We still highly encourage you to post updated content, but it could be limited to a post only per week, combined with several old posts on social media.

Frequently the biggest problem in SEO is both the lack of ideas to develop more content and a tight budget.

Both can be solved if you recycle your already well-written SEO past content.

  1. Check what your leads bought the most

It’s important to look into the past because this saves lots of time.

Why to analyze if we already have the data?

If you want to create content that is properly oriented and appealing, you can start from writing content that was once appealing to people.

If you figured out what type of product you were selling a lot in the past, then do your SEO and make them come back!

And you could do this through Social Media, posting old content as previously mentioned, but also a new one that strengthens its attractiveness.

Obviously, you have other alternatives such as Google AdWords, but we both know that this is quite an expensive option.

Also pretty challenging sometimes, and if we compare it to social marketing, it’s just one click.

Of course, if your site is new and you’re just beginning your business, then Google AdWords can be the ideal option since you have neither customers nor content yet!

  1. Discounts for old customers

Identify them and then give them an awesome discount!

Many early starters don’t like the idea of reducing the price of their products.

But at the end, if you don’t sell you get anything, so better if you sell a lot even when not at maximum price, right?

Anyway, believe me, a 10%, 20%, or even a 30%! It isn’t that much compared to how much you can earn after multiples sales.

Again, this is only possible if you look at your old content, all of the data is there.

In business, having information has already an immense value, and many entrepreneurs waste golden chances because they don’t see this factor.

If you make the most of your data, you’re guaranteed to succeed with your old customers, but also with the ones that are to come.

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