Are you frustrated with your SEO Strategy?

Almost 98% of new clients I speak to are frustrated with their SEO.  I get answers like these:

It’s not moving forward, my traffic has slowed down, I haven’t had the time to start, I can’t find the right guys to get the job done, or a common question: what is SEO?

Wherever you find yourself now, perseverance will take you to places.  You are, like most entrepreneurs, doing your best at what you do, and you cannot shift your focus on SEO.

I get it.  I was there.  For 3 years.  Gosh.  It shouldn’t take 3 years for someone to realize SEO is the most powerful and one of the most important investments you need in your business.

My excuses went like: I have no time, I don’t have the team, I am disappointed at the last guy I hired, my guy ditched me and won’t answer my calls or emails, or even worse – they took $12k from me and my rankings dropped dramatically.

This happened to one of my closest friends, he was absolutely dependent on an SEO Strategy as he was getting 10-15 leads a day, his phone would ring so many times in the day he didn’t have time to answer the calls.

SEO was growing, like crazy, he was ranking #1 in 3 different keywords and his straffic was non-stop.

Until one day, the person servicing him was no longer able to.  He got confident, and waited it out.  Clients got in the way, business got in the way, family got in the way, and a couple months later, his traffic was non-existent.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because we can all relate to this subject! Even my closest friend, who had no expertise in SEO, yet it was his only source of income, lost all of it because he did not invest in himself.

When he got desperate, he started taking action, and hired another company to do a great SEO Strategy.  They took $12k and in 6 months, he was ranking in page 987 of google.

He admits it was his fault.  He invested in the wrong team just to get by so that if things went well, he could keep focusing in his business and not on the most important aspects of it which is marketing and SEO!

The team he hired did not focus on the right strategy.  Instead, they took his money, unranked him and he was no longer to be found on google.

My friend is now fully committed to SEO.  He understands the importance thoroughly.  He learned from his mistakes, and he is now en route to growing and selling his company.

That was a scary lesson for him, and a scary one for me.

I learned to never ever ever procrastinate on SEO.  I learned to prioritize and to identify strategies that would work for myself and my clients.  I learned to be a PRO.

I became so committed, I now write 2,000+ word substantial articles for all of my companies. I became an obsessive blogger.  I became obsessed about perfecting my SEO strategy.

I realized if I was not committed, and if I was not trying new things, new strategies and revised newly updated SEO fundamentals, I was going to absolutely stay behind.

I got smart again and I started hiring the right team.  One block at a time.  Because the foundation to my marketing strategies always starts and ends with an SEO strategy.

I thought: if I invest enough quality content and become an expert with a great SEO Strategy, and continue to maintain and get smarter about SEO, the end results will be flawless.

The secret is simple: You lay the foundation, you lay the proper materials, you build the right content, and you impress your customers with high quality content and provide solutions to your target audience, success will follow.

When an earthquake or a hurricane or a tornado comes your way, your business will sustain it so well because you are prepared.

Your competition can chase you, they will follow you, they will model you, but they will not catch you.  You are now #1 in your industry, and you are making a killing because you understood the principles.

You became smarter, modeling all the big and medium and small businesses that are becoming superstars in the SEO strategy space.  You took the lead and you landed in the 1-2% of the businesses that are committed to results.

Are you taking action?

I took action.  And you can take action too.

SEO is by far one of the most fundamental tools you can ever find to build your business.

Create a powerful SEO strategy, and it will work for you 24/7. Yes, it is that convenient.

Knowing how to successfully make conversions through an effective marketing campaign is what all entrepreneurs want.

However, what most late adopters and young entrepreneurs do not foresee is that SEO will not happen overnight.

Don’t get me wrong. Applying this strategy is not complicated, but it definitely needs a purposeful and continuous work.

Even most importantly, you must stay focused.

If you fail to properly assess what your target audience wants, then not even the best strategy will save you to see your business crumble.


Whether it is in business or life, what actually matters the most is not how well structured you can be (although important).

I mean, you can follow a set of complicated rules and be as structured and proper as you possibly can.

But, if you did not take into consideration the most important part: what your leads want, then you lose direction (and therefore your leads).

Staying focused will save your time and money.

Want to build an SEO Strategy and make it work 24/7? Keep reading

As you might already know, everything has to do with proper writing, but this is not all.

If you want Google to rank your page first, then never forget that SEO can be your closest ally, but also your worst foe if wrongly used.

The cool part about your content strategy is that it remains forever on your webpage, so actually you do not need to work on it once posted.

Knowing this, your top priority must be to stay focused since eventually some great leads will land your homepage.

Offer content to the wrong public and they will leave the first 10 seconds your webpage, in that moment Google will rank you poorly.

When this happens, from personal experience I recommend starting a new webpage. There is nothing harder than regaining credibility from Google.

Fortunately, you can learn from your mistakes. But I think we can both agree that it is better if you never make them in the first place right?

Now that you understand the basics, I would like to give you three essential but powerful tips you can apply to engage your leads.

This will guarantee your strategy to work for the long-term and 24/7.

First – SEO is not only about keywords

One huge but common mistake that everybody makes is to think that an SEO strategy is just about keywords.

Keywords are important, yes. However, if you think that keywords are the only thing there is to it, you are far from getting the leads you expect.

As this is a common mistake, there is another one: people focus so much in keywords that their articles become useless, or even less.

I have encountered dozens of blogs that write dozens of articles a week, which is surprising since this a lot of work.

Have you ever wondered how they do it? Simple, they write with no purpose believing that keywords will guarantee to suffice.

This a terrible idea since even when it is true that momentaneously Google might rank your page better at the beginning, you will regret this later.

Google will notice that your leads abandon the page almost immediately and then for the long-term your PageRank will value poorly.

Currently, with the advanced technology of Google, you might not even have the opportunity to have the momentaneous increase in traffic.

Now Google identifies if you are overusing your Keywords. Therefore, use too many, and your SEO strategy will be a failure.

If you want your business to be successful, then offer content that your target public would like to read. Quality is the most important factor here.

Second – Prepare your budget

If you are the one who does all of the hard work. You can jump this step.

On the other side, if you have so much work you cannot handle yourself alone, then we tell you here what you should know about the budget.

As you probably already know, employing this or any other strategy considers two factors: money and time.

Those who start undertaking a SEO Strategy get discouraged when they realize that it does not offer the results they are seeking for.

Even when they are applying the techniques properly.

Throughout an incredible amount of time and research, I could notice that most of the entrepreneurs do not give it SEO the value it deserves.

It is not about writing a few articles and expects the best of it. You must constantly publish content to engage your target audience.

It could be twice, three times, or more per week. However, the importance of keeping it updated is essential.

I must be honest; it is an effective and powerful way to engage customers and make the conversions you expect to make your startup take the lead.

However, it is not necessarily cheap.  But it is an investment.

Especially at the beginning since you are making no profits whatsoever.

Something I want you to understand very well is that a great SEO Strategy pays off. Therefore, you must determine how much you are willing to spend.

Am I willing to invest in my brand?

After a couple of weeks, you will notice that your expenditures don’t compare to your earnings.

Never forget, there is no business in this world that only creates earnings, there will always be expenditures to it.

Your goal is to keep your earnings higher. Don’t be afraid to invest more in yourself for your success.

If I told you that you only need $20,000 to make $200,000 in sales, would you invest?

Third – Stay focused

I already mentioned this point at the beginning of the article. Now you will discover how to stay focused.

We know now that your content must address those who are interested in the products your site offers.

How do we know who is visiting our web page?

Google Analytics is an excellent tool you can use to understand those who land your web page.

Just as many other tools alike, you will be able to a follow-up of your leads and comprehend where they come from and how they got to your web page.

You’re gonna know demographics – who is converting better – your next door neighbors looking for a nail spa near them?

Perhaps you can run a test on Adwords if you want to gather some data and you want to specifically target women who are in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s.

Perhaps you want to segment their status, or if you’re using videos you want to only those making a specific amount of income like the top 10% or the top 10-40% etc.

Once you gather this data on Google Analytics, it’s time to rock n roll!

You have specific valuable content for your users. Your focus is niched out.  Boom.

If you don’t use these type of tools, then you might stay focused, but lose the opportunity to engage your leads is the most favourable moment with a certain product.

Remember, with a solid SEO strategy, you can rock n’ roll but just if you use it in combination with other tools that will potentiate its usefulness.

In Conclusion

When I started my first company, I made some mistakes, perhaps quite a bit more than I’d like.

It’s part of being an entrepreneur, but the spirit and the fire is within.

I thought SEO was too expensive, too complex, and too much time consuming.  Boy was I wrong.

I was investing on paid advertising thinking I needed to make a quick buck before churning cash on a long-term pipeline that I wasn’t sure it was going to work out.

Out of the new businesses I visit, without exaggeration around 95-98% continue making the same mistakes year after year.

They’re hiring the wrong SEO guys to take care of their marketing and SEO Strategy, and when it fails (it’s only a matter of months) they give up and completely avoid the subject.

I find a lot of business owners who are scared out of their lives in investing into marketing.  They try to penny pinch here and there, trying to learn everything themselves, only to quit on the idea and hire the wrong people.

There is only one problem – you can’t continue to procrastinate.  Radio, TV and mailing advertising have been failing for the last decades, time after time.

They are medias used for a very specific audience, and the conversions are far lower than what you can accomplish with Google Adwords or through a SEO Strategy.

The problem is solved by not procrastinating any longer.  You have to come up with a new strategy and start plugging in the dots.

If you invest with the right team and you put in your time, patience and set a specific budget, perseverance will follow to results.

No, you don’t need thousands or dozens of thousands.  You need to think about what impact can SEO really make for your business when you are in the front cover of google.

You need to get creative – visualize what problems you are solving for your users and why you would do them a SERVICE by being on the front page of google.

You need to 10X your life in all aspects.  You need to 10x your brand, and the time is now. Invest handsomely in your brand, with a strategy, to receive handsome results and have predictable consistency in your business.

Do you want to make your brand very visible?

Start with these strategies and techniques to perfect your SEO.  You don’t need a big budget, you need to define what course of action and results you seek for your business.

Start with why? Why do I need SEO?

If the answer looks like this: I am committed to empowering and investing myself 101% into my brand, to give so much value to my customers, and to get a lot back.

Then it’s time to start thinking, what are my goals?

If your goals are to jump from $0 to $10k, or $10k to $100k, or $100k to $500k, or $500k to $1m a month, then you need to get serious.  Invest in yourself first so that others can invest in you.

Once your mindset is ready for SEO action, I highly recommend diving a little bit more into SEO and learning as much as you can.  Come up with a strategy.  Prepare your budget.  Stay Focused.

With your commitment, the rest will follow.

Whats your best strategy to make SEO work for you 24/7?

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